There is something special about Burning Man – it sticks to you, and so does the desert sand. It sticks to the car and gets into cracks and crevices. The desert sun bakes it onto the clear coat, fabric and panels. It takes a lot of love, patience and effort to clean the alkaline dust.

We at Auto Fresh Car Wash will do our best to get your car cleaned. Because of the extra time, effort and products, we have a different price list for Burning Man Cars. We also cannot offer home service for Burning Man Cars.

Full SUV / Van / Truck:


  • Hand wash and dry exterior
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Hand scrub rims & dress tires
  • Moderate break dust removal
  • Moderate tar & bug removal
  • Polygloss coating on exterior trims
  • Wipe down door and door jambs
  • Moderate vacuuming
  • Clean interior windows
  • Wipe down of plastic, vinyl & dashboard