These Terms of Service are part of Auto Fresh Car Wash’s terms, and are additional terms by which all users or guests abide by when using the Service. Terms are subject to change per Auto Fresh’s discretion. Changes will be reflected on Auto Fresh Car Wash has the right to refuse service.

Payment terms

Payments are to be made once users or guests book Auto Fresh Car Wash’s services online.

Services will only be performed once payment is received. Services will not be performed if the credit card is declined. Cash payments are accepted.

Late Cancellation & Reschedule

You may reschedule or cancel any appointment 24 hours in advance for free. However, there is a $20 fee 2-24 hours before job starts; inside of 2 hours the full booking amount is charged.

If customer does not show up at the agreed upon time and place within 30 minutes, full booking amount will be charged. If customer shows up late in the appointed time and place, only partial service may be rendered, while full amount is charged. This will be based on the time and schedule of our Auto Fresh car washer.

Any cancellation or reschedule that is done within 15 minutes of purchase will be free of charge.

Satisfaction policy

Auto Fresh Car Wash puts customer satisfaction as its top priority. If you are not satisfied with the job, please get in touch with us within 48 hours after the job is completed, and we’ll right our mistake at no additional cost.

Rain Checks

Auto Fresh will not perform any car washes on rainy days. When guests or users have scheduled a car wash on a forecasted rainy day, Auto Fresh will reach out to guests or users to reschedule.

Appointment time

Due to traffic or exceptional circumstances, your Auto Fresh car washer may run behind. Guests or users may Cancel/Reschedule an appointment only when your car washer is more than 20 minutes late.

Otherwise, if your Auto Fresh car washer is less than 20 minutes late, cancellations and reschedules will be treated as “Late Reschedule & Cancellation”. This can be found at the “Late Reschedule & Cancellation” section.

An Auto Fresh car washer will communicate with guests or users to the best of their abilities if they are running behind on schedule.

Wash packages

Auto Fresh Car Wash offers (3) different wash packages, and are subject to change based on Auto Fresh Car Wash’s discretion. These packages as specified in our Services page, and all such changes will be reflected on our website,

Unfortunately, Auto Fresh Car Wash currently does not have the ability to wash vehicles that have just gone off road.

Promotional codes

Guests, users or members may use a valid promotional code towards the payment of their booking upon checkout. Only one (1) promotional ode may be used for each transaction.

Promotional codes are given out at Auto Fresh Car Wash’s discretion, to groups of users or individual users via various means of communication, including but not limited to, newsletters and social media.